Helpful hints and tips


Silica gel sachets can be placed inside the video housing of your ROV to help fight lens fog.

SEA gold or Sea drops used to prevent fogging up of masks will help with lens fog.

Tampons in the housing can help absorb any minor leaks due to pressure.


About 3 alternating layers of liquid electrical tape and 3M linerless rubber splicing tape will give you a cable splice that is waterproof to several thousand meters.


This does work very well.


If you can get it, fill the housing will dry nitrogen or even carbon dioxide before sealing it up. If you can displace most of the moist air a desiccant pack will make up the difference.


If it is possible to pull a partial vacuum on a housing with o-rings, one can test that they are seated, and the pre-seating will make leaking at shallow depths less likely.