Help - Trouble shooting


Hi merry chrismas.

I have built the device and have power. Having issues getting the website up and power to the camera and the propellers. I have green lights on the box plugged into the laptop and the blue lights of the BB board and red and green lights on the otther board. Need to know how to trouble shoot to get the site up and the other parts working.



Some tips:

- Make sure you have your LAN adapter set to an IP that is on the same network as the ROV.

192.168.254.X where X is anything from 2 - 254

- There are three green lights on the homeplug (topside, and rovside) adapter. The outer one away from the plugs is the power. The middle one indicates it is talking to the other homeplug adapter. The one closest tot he plugs indicates the Ethernet is plugged in. Make sure all three are lit up! If the middle one is not lit that means the two adapters are not talking to one another.

- Did you follow the instructions for getting the cockpit software installed on the BeagleBone?

- Quick troubleshooting guide here:


Thanks, was able to get the LAN adapters talking. Have website up and able to get video. The propellers, lights and camera arm not working. Have green power light on, D13 solid red and D49 blinking red. Any ideas.


We are at the same spot, but via a datalink bypass. The tether is not working for us. How did you get the datalinks to work? Have you made any other progress with the light, motors and servo?


Did you guys follow the anomolies guide? Check voltage on the battery tubes? Check continuity on the harness wires? Check for shorts?


I looked at the anomolies guide and have the website and tether working along with video. I think the power is ok seeing I have video. It might be shorts. I am going to discconect everthing on the 25 pin adapter and just leave the battery power and tether hooked up to see if I can get the servo and lights to work. There might be a short.

James - You might want to follow my lead. I got the tether to work by flip flopping the battery cables.


Some have luck installing the software multiple times.


Hi Bill:

When D13 is solid and D49 is blinking, it means that the controller board is still running the self-test code that was loaded at the factory. Without uploading the Arduino firmware to the controller board, you won't get any propellers or lights.

I noticed in another thread that James got the firmware to his controller board loaded. Have you managed to do the same?



Hi, happy new year everyone!

Got the new BB image loaded and working. The cockpit web site came up via DHCP on my home network. Selected the Update the firmware on the cockpit web site. Firmware compiled and uploaded tio the Arduino without error..

Got video

Got lights

No servo or thrusters.

I can see the values change on the OpenRov Cockpit web page for both the servo and the thrusters when I press the appropriate keys.

I'm going to check the pin out for the servo and see if I'm getting a voltage on the correct pin. I'll do the same for the thrusters.

Anyone know how I can check to see if the thrusters are connected to the correct pins?




I had the same issue of video but nothing else. reupdated the firmware and it mostly all came up. I do not have the bottom status bar of the cockpit. But all other functions are working. Now I just need to get the tether issue fixed.


Hey Pat,

This could be a more complex issue, but one simple thing that could be causing the problems your having is simply that the ESCs (which also provide power to the servo) are not turned on. Check to make sure the switch on each of the ESCs (at the end of a short wire lead) is slid away from the little red button to the "on" position.

Also check to make sure that the plugs are oriented correctly (the white "signal" wire should be facing inward toward the center of the board and the black "ground" wire should be facing the outside edge of the board).

Okay, good luck!



Hi, thanks for the responses. From the looks of what responses we have I should try updating Arduino firmware to the controller board. Is there an easy set of instructions to do this?


Hey Bill,

Toward the bottom of the instructions here:

there is a description on how to upload firmware. Sometimes the software is a bit fussy so if it doesn't successfully upload the first time, try it again.

Good luck- let us know if it works out!



E, When I go to setting and upload the firmware it is looking for a file. Does this mean that I don't have the latest 2.5 version?



Ok, have the firmware loaded and the lights work. Still can't get the servo to work. Thoughts?



Checked the ESC's the switch is away from the red dot.

Checked the plug orientation white is toward the Beagle Bone. yellow on the servo plug is toward the beagle bone.

Put a voltmeter on the arduino pin outs for the thrusters (D8) and servo (D11). Tried the different command keys. No voltage at all, even though the cockpit web page shows the values changing. This should be just a straight DC voltage change in phase with the changing values on the cockpit web page right?

Firmware update showed no errors. Web page camera and lights all work.