Help too two to in getting the BB to grab an IP address


Good day, Images are with text in attachement -- Thanks in advance -- Bob

I am soooo close I believe (after many many hours).

I have lights on my ROV (see picture ) all green on the white beagleboard (BB) with on Red in the center (good I read in the updated documentation, I thought it was a problem earlier).

But on the BB Ethernet connector to the network card there are two lights -- one green and one yellow (normal?). I was going to add pic but it isn’t clear.

When starting up I see rapid blinking on the BB SD reading light for a couple minutes to my kit supplied SD card dated 3-23-13 content below.

Plus BB light 1 flashes and then the “heartbeat” blinking continues on light 1 until I disconnect the batteries.

No other of the 3 of the 4 bank of lights continue to illuminate after startup.

I have run my computer over the tether network and have 3 green lights on both ends. That seems to be working. I have spread the wires a little hearing about cross-talk.

The OpenROV does not show up on my Netgear router.

The before and after “attached devices” screen on my Router doesn’t change.

I have a Scientific Atlanta cable modem also attached to the router

I created a new SD chip with the OpenRov image as suggested on the website at under Troubleshooting.

I am using a MAC OS 10.6.8 and via Mac Disk Utility I erase the entire SD card,

unpack 3 levels in the zip file to get the .img below.

I place this on the FAT formatted SD card via a copy command and it is the only file I place on the card. The 3 other folders keep appearing even after I delete them. FYI this file will NOT fit on the kit supplied SD card where the contents are smaller in size, so I am not sure how I am to “Try re-writing the OpenROV image” per the troubleshooting section.

When I swap the new .img file SD card into the BB slot NONE of the 4 bank of lights lights up.

Troubleshooting from

If you are not able to connect to the OpenROV:

Check with method 2 to see if the OpenROV is acquiring an IP address. If not, the BB is not booting up properly. Try re-writing the OpenROV image to the BB SD card with these instructions. Installing The Software

My questions are:

1. HOW do I get the BB to read this SD card and then connect to my router or even directly to my MAC?

2. How does this SD Card in #1 above relate to the supplied kit SD Card?

3. How does one get the BB to read this .img SD Card?

4. Does either card need to stay in the reader for the ROV to work?

I am not a Lynx or networking expert. Any assistance is appreciated.


Thanks Bob Brown

1197-issuesv0.docx (334 KB)


The issue with the SD card, using OSX you actually have to burn the image using the dd command instead of doing a copy. There is special boot information that has to be on the right place on the SD card that can only be done by burning the image using special software.

If your new to this I recommend using the raspberry SD imaging UI as it does the same thing and will work as well. This tool looks like it will work fine (I have not actually used it...) : (look for pifiller)


Thanks for the rapid response. I used raspberryPI to create a new SD card installed it and the directory looks just like the kit SD card now -- same files folders and dates

With new SD Card all lights lit up the same EXCEPT no red light lit on the cape. -- a step backward

No IP connection either.




Which version of the software are you using? 09-05-2013?


YES. Thanks for questioning the image date. However I did it --I was grabbing an old version.

With 9-5-2013 complete success. I can see myself from the web portal!.. A great feeling after all the long hours.




Good evening,

I have the video and LED lights functioning. I had a right panel in my OpenROV window with various pieces of data in a white right panel with a scrollable pane tracking depth speed etc of my ROV sitting on my table :) It indicated it saw one motor -- which is correct. doing one at a time.

Now that right display pane is gone and I only have video or the selections at that top right for other side displays.

1.How do I get that pane back?

More importantly, the motor will not run. I get LED red lights when I toggle the arrow keys but no motor movement. I believe I have connectivity end-to-end.

2. Is the ESC switch suppose to be 'On' or 'Off' during operation? I believe 'On' and is 'On' the setting nearest the red ESC programming button and wires goig to the ESC from the switch?

3. Other than pressing arrow keys when the OpenROV window that has the mouse focus, is there a key, or keys, I need to press to activiate the motors?

I believe I programmed all the ESC via their red buttons to the settings (watching for LED blinks) as stated in the OpenROV. videos. I also have 6 charged batteries in the power tubes with voltage powering everything.

thanks again,