Help - Telemetry Data from V2.x/Trident


Hi there!

My name is Felipe Adachi, and I’m making a Master’s project with the ROV V2.8 as a subject of research. I’m researching Fault Detection and Diagnostics on the ROV.

To do that, I’m using the data obtained from the telemetry, by using the “record” option from the cockpit. I’m currently using data gathered from my own ROV, but it would be great to have data from other ROV’s beside mine! So I’d like to ask if there is anyone that would be able and willing to help me, by sharing some data from their own ROV’s, be it the V2.x series, the Trident (if/when available), or any other ROV.

I’m interested specifically on the .json files that are generated when you use the option of recording telemetry data from the cockpit: all those data that appears on the right-side of the cockpit: “hdgd”, “deap”, “pitc”, “roll”, “yaw”, and so on. Additionally, it would be helpful if I knew information of each recording session: if the dive was: (a) On moving waters (ocean, river, etc.) or still waters (lake, pool, etc.), (b) If the ROV was “healthy”-no faults, © If the ROV had some fault from the start and (d) If the ROV presented a fault during the dive (e.g propeller, sensor, leakage, battery fault).

Even if I had partial information, or just the .json file, I am sure I could make use of it too!

Thank you all for the consideration!


Felipe Adachi