Help on how to order the Telemetry data



Hi guys, I need to have depth and temp very close on the telemetry data display to be captured in the same screen when recording video.
After updating to v 30.0.2 I noticed that you have to scroll up or down to read this info, I usually read this data later after diving while watching the video; but I’ve lost this info for my last dives by leaving the scroll bar well up or down. To remember doing that while piloting the rov is sometimes a bit annoying. Is there any way to leave it as was in v2.5.1 ?


Hi Marco,

Good point. We do need a way to flag the items that you always want to see on screen.


So, It looks like this feature was added a year ago, but I do not see how to use it. Are there instructions somewhere on how to re-order the telemetry in the telemetry window so the values we want to see stay on screen?


That feature is sitting in the master branch (developer build) at the moment. When clicking on an item it is copied to a section above the rest of the telemetry.