Help desperately needed - a bad day!


Hope someone can help. Have had a very frustrating day with all sorts of problems happening with the 2.8.

First problem was the controls doing all sorts of stuff - have a custom control preset saved, but today for some reason some of the controls reversed - left on the stick turned the ROV right instead of left and vice versa, forward and backwards reversed themselves etc. Took a while to get the hang of it - and then suddenly everything returned to normal. Except all day the camera has refused to tilt up or down using either the controller or the keyboard. Does anyone have any ideas about what is going on that is causing these issues?

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any more frustrating it suddenly got a whole lot worse - the infamous Google “Aw Snap! something went wrong while displaying this webpage” suddenly appeared. Tried restarts of the ROV, restarts of the laptop, and just about every other trick in the book but no luck - everything would start as normal, we would get the cockpit up, get video picture up - and then after 30 seconds or so the infamous Aw Snap! white screen of death would appear. HELP!!

Any and all help would be appreciated as driving 1.5 hours to the site then having this happen isn’t a lot of fun:unamused:


Did u already try reflashing the sdcard? I’ve found that my 2.8 can also degrade over time and have weird issues similar to yours but when I reflash it’s fine again for 10-20 dives.


I am hoping to do that first thing tomorrow morning and see if that fixes it - if you have had similar problems and that has fixed it then hopefully it might fix it for us. Doing it every 10-20 dives is going to be a pain though as we have built ours into a custom chassis and getting the main tube out isn’t quick and simple


If anyone can provide really detailed simple step by minute step instructions on how to reflash the sdcard and reload the software that would be appreciated. As my colleagues can attest - I can do all sorts of stuff underwater, but when it comes to computers and electronics I am totally clueless - which is why I didn’t assemble the kit.

#5 will walk you through it, however it’s not necessary to completely remove the beagle bone, on mine I just pull out the internal chassis, insert the sdcard, stick the chassis back in the rov and plug the base station into usb power. It will flash for 15 min and then you can power it off and remove the sdcard. Do another quick test before sealing it up and you are good to go.


One more option, I’ve been flying with the new release and it seems a little more stable. However I’m not able to record video like I used to I experience less lockups … depending on your use case it might be worth trying. New Release Candidate Image ready with 31.0.0 RC this image is different in that it runs directly off the sdcard (so you leave the sdcard in the rov while operating). Takes a while to boot up but does seem more stable and easier to control.


Many thanks Jeremy. Reliability is the critical thing for us, we do underwater inspection work for a business, and we took on a new type of inspection work that requires a small overall size and light weight and the OpenROV in an us-built custom chassis seemed like the best option but the reliability has been killing us and costing us clients. Will this version work with the Pro camera?


It should work with the pro camera yes, it’s mainly built for that I believe to support trident and 2.8. I’ve only done a couple of dives with it but so far so good. Things that used to cause me problems like camera panning now works great.


That’s very cool you are using it for commercial inspections, this sounds like a dream job :slight_smile: I too have focused a lot on reliability since I like traveling with the rov and I hate getting skunked on recording great footage due to minor field issues and have gotten pretty good at stabilization of the platform. Where are you located? I’m in San Francisco, lmk if I can help further, you can also email me jeremy AT


OK many thanks - will give it a go and hopefully we can achieve some reliability.


Melbourne, Australia. You would think that it is a dream job, but it comes with a lot of pains as well - demanding clients, equipment problems at the wrong time and place, trying to pilot with precision to get the images but not stir up the silt to wreck the images, lack of engineering drawings mean that you are often going into something without knowing the layout/where any other structure is that you can wrap the tether around without knowing it, low visibility makes it a real challenge


I agree it’s very difficult!! That’s awesome though in retrospect because that’s what takes skill with this class of rov is both piloting and architecture/maintenance/troubleshooting work. In return the rovs are much cheaper but may require more skill than the traditional commercial rovs?