Hello~., This is a Korean Rov Team (SeeSea)



We Have a Openrov 2.7 .

but We have a problem with change the language .

How to fix the language ?

plz help us!! ^^


Can you provide more detail on what you are trying to change the language of?


plz ~ Where is the HTML , CSS ??

and i want to change language source file location for fix this problem…

help me~SOS :joy: :joy:


So there is not a “build in” way to change languages at the moment. That is something we would like to do. Let me know if you have interest in doing the translation to Hangungmal!

I see your already at Maker Fair so this may come too late. If you are using build 30.0.3, you can open up cloud9 on port 3131, and use its search feature to search the source code for the words you want to replace. You can then manually do the replacement.