Hello. OpenROV Mechatronics Engineering Intern + Trident's External Payload


Hey, great thread.

I’ve been using the 8266 with the same goal in mind, but running Micropython instead. (Don’t know how i didnt see this thread already)
The main reasons I went for micropython and thought others might be inrerrested:

  • WebREPL is really handy when tinkering. You can add to your program and call functions on the fly.
  • You can connect the 8266 to your AP and have the 8266 act as AP simultaneously. Makes it possible to troubleshoot and send code updates when everything is sealed up.

Keep up the good work. looking forward to seeing how this all develops


Just checking in on how your project with the 8266 and Micropython is going for a Trident WiFi payload.

Haven’t seen anything from Rey (rey-reza) lately and was wondering if he’s still working on the payloads or has someone else taken over.

Have you seen any example code or tutorial for the payload plugins?



Hi @webhoppery

So my intern finished in December and I am actually in school right now :slight_smile:

I actually didnt use micropython for the ESP8266. There’s an arduino core for ESP8266 which I think is convenient to use: https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino

for the plugin, the idea is to send HTTP request from the cockpit to the ESP8266, then do some string parsing if you have several different plugins (perhaps external lights, etc.) The code is not released yet though

I hope it helps!



Just checking in on how your project with the 8266 and Micropython is going for a Trident WiFi payload.

I was looking for a Trident payload plugin example / template to use as a starting point.



wow 5 months already.
Time flies when you start something and get distracted somewhere else.

I didn’t take it very far amd won’t be much help with a plugin template up
at the UI either.

Good luck though.


That is such a great idea! I’m excited to see future projects based on this!

I was wondering if someone could help a newbie out with a doubt on this subject:

-Is it feasible to develop a wifi payload for the 2-series? I’m guessing it is not, since it doesn’t have wifi interface, but since I don’t know much about this subject, I’m not very confident of my guess.