Hello from north east of Scotland


Hello folks from north east of Scotland, Openrov #2835, just completed first dunk test, up to 1m, no leaks. All comms good, using wifi link between topsides box and laptop. Works good, all functions working great. A bit of condensation in the main tube as soon as I put into tank, but plan to silica gel bags into the tube to remove any moisture.


Great work! I am pretty impressed that everything works right from the start. Do you have any specific plans for the use of this ROV?


Been working on it since Xmas, I struggled to get connectivity but changed out the BBB, flashed the new board, and it connected. Hopping to try it out at a friends old quarry in next few weeks, will post the results.


Where are you based? I’m near Peterhead


Hello from Dunfermline!