HD video freeze up


I have been trying to get my 2.8 Dev. Kit unit up and running but I keep having video freeze up problems with the camera. I am using a Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p HD Web Cam USB 2.0. I have updated the image and firmware, tried to run 31.0.0 and gone back to 30.0.3 but still have the same issue. My PC is running Windows 10 and I have the latest version of Chrome.


Can you describe a little bit more what you mean with the video freeze? How long is it running before it freezes.

This camera is not officially supported out of the box with our hardware and software, but that does not mean it will not work.

If it is registering an MJPG stream then in the 31.0.0 image there are settings for this stream. If it is trying to pump a 1080p stream, my guess is that this large amount of data is overwhelming the BBB causing the issues. There are settings to drop the resolution which might be helpful for you.


Thanks Brian. Sometimes it will run until I start sending commands to the ROV then the video fails to change, freezing on a single frame. If I power down the USB when it restarts it has no video at all. Amy idea when 31 will be released?


Thanks for sharing. Without ever using that camera, my best guess is that you will need to mess with the resolution in order to have the camera send less information.

31 is still going through testing and based off community feedback small bugs are being worked through. I don’t have a date at this time, but with each round of testing there are fewer bugs and I think we are getting close.