Has anyone used Acetone instead of acrylic glue?


I can’t find acrylic glue anywhere that can be shipped to Norway, so I’m wondering if anyone has used acetone when welding their pieces together? I’ve read that it should work, but takes a long time. Has anyone actually tried it? I’m not going to run into problems because the type of acrylic used in the OpenROV kit won’t dissolve in acetone or something?

Alternatively, does anyone have a source of good acrylic glue in Norway, which is still sold? I found some on ebay but nobody is willing to ship overseas.


If you have spare acrylic, then test it by placing it in some acetone and see if it dissolves. If it does, then you can make a solution of acrylic and acetone which is basically all an acrylic cement is.

If it does not dissolve, you can try other volatile organic solvents. Toluene, xylenes, n-butyl acetate, dichloromethane, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone might all work as well if you can find them in your region. Just dissolve as much scrap acrylic as you need to get a workable viscosity in your solvent(s) of choice.


I think I remember this going poorly. Acetone will definitely dissolve acrylic but I’m not sure that it will reform as it evaporates without any encouragement mechanically or chemically.

I will look into it and get back to you. Let’s make sure to update the thread “Finding Acrylic Cement Outside the USA” with whatever we find out so that the next guy can get some.

Check http://www.rbglasplast.se/ for now


I bought mine from EBAY…and got it shipped to Tromsoe in Norway


Acetone will does bad to acrylic. I once assembled the acrylic in a wrong direction and I tried to use acetone to reverse the situation. However, the acetone dissolve the acrylic and it leak.

you can see leak on the acrylic after using acetone.


Thanks for the anecdotes, I won’t be using acetone on my acrylic! I ordered some Plastruct on ebay, and they actually shipped it, so I’m excited to see if it arrives. I had asked a different seller about shipping earlier, but they refused to ship any solvents overseas. I guess it’s hit and miss.


You should also use these


I was able to acquire some Plastruct Plastic Weld from a seller on ebay, this stuff:

It worked perfectly from what I could tell.