Has anyone tested a Trident under the ice?


I was wondering if anyone has tested a Trident under ice in either freshwater or (ideally) saltwater. We’re looking to use a Trident for some exploratory dives/site selection dives under sea ice in Antarctica. This article from 2016 claims that Trident was designed to be used in sub-zero temperatures, and this article from 2017 seems to corroborate that. Has anyone done any field testing? If so, any tips and/or words of caution?



I recently saw a video of a guy testing the Trident under the ice, and I think it was in Canada somewhere. He filmed a huge pike for example :slight_smile: But now when Im searching for that video, I can’t find it anymore, so it might have been removed for some reason…


I saw a Tweet for one ice dive in the Northwest Territories.

@DrAndrewThaler: Ice diving with @OpenROV Trident! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eFsXn6f5Lo


Yes, that was the same video that I saw!


Here is the you tube link https://youtu.be/0eFsXn6f5Lo to the under ice video