Has anyone actually build one of these?


I watched this site for some time. I really like the idea of a open source ROV, but in the current state, it seems the open source is so and so. Most of the instructions is missing. That would be okay, if at least the cad files where available, but the only thing online is some old files that doesnt reflect the current version and only shows the body, not the inside of the tube.

I have cut and assembled most parts, but you have to guess how the inside comes together from the pictures. Also there are tons of other informations not published. How does the wiring look like etc.

Sorry if i sound too harsh. I would love to contribute to this project, but keeping your cards so close to the chest makes it near impossible.

I have attached a picture of my progress so far.

2114-foto.JPG (2.08 MB)


Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the message. Completely valid points, and that's not harsh at all.

The honest answer is we haven't gotten around to it. Over the last few weeks, we've been prioritizing development and getting kits figured out, and we just haven't taken the time to stop, organize where everything is at, and document it the way we should.

We've been working on a WIKI and should have it up sometime next week. I think that will clear up A LOT of your concerns. Being new to doing an open source project that is growing so much quicker then we anticipated has been a major learning experience for us- It seems that "release early and often" really is the right mentality for us and we'll try to make that happen.

Thank you for the feedback, and keep it coming,



Hi Eric

Sounds great! Looking forward to it. Luckily I run a laser cutting company by day, som hopefully I can keep up with the changes:-) Will be fun to tweak the parts along the way.

I attached a picture of another way of bringing out the logo. Engraving does have a tendency to look a bit pale in acrylic, especially extruded. I would like to add a serialnumber, so when you have the time, please answer my request.

Any chance you could mail me the current Inventor files?