Hardening the Tether


I just ordered my Trident (Yay!) and I am thinking about how I would use it.

In my case I would want to take it to a great lake and have it follow me or other divers down to some wrecks. As I think about this I realize that the Tether will be close to the down line to the wreck.

Unfortunately those lines are covered in Zebra muscles which can cut rubber.

Has anyone looked for an inexpensive neutrally buoyant cladding for the tether?


If you are running the ROV with human divers make sure the divers can easily cut the tether in a emergency situation if they get tangled. Generally people avoid running ROVs and humans together.


Agree. I was thinking of running the ROV after Dive 1 and before Dive 2. Generally there is never more then one dive boat on the wreck site.