Hammerhead OpenRov Derivative "Upgrade"


Another ROV derivative, Fix neutral buoyancy add syntactic foam nose on thrusters and ballast on center point of body also water proof connector ,this design is focus in hydrodynamics, some parts was made from recycling aluminium , acrylic ,and PVC pipe, all part hand made, feel free to comment,tanks, jimmy

Tools used :mini lathe, drill press,miter saw ,belt sander,metal file ,boring bits,drill bit, marine epoxy,


Wow Jimmy, great build! Those look like some pretty solid endcaps. How does it drive?


Really nice work Jimmy,
i like the attention to detail such as the circular cut-outs to tame the ESC capacitors.

where is your charging connector for the Lipo Batteries - in the battery tube itself?



It looks really good. How thick is your e-tube?


Hi Kevin ,yes the endcaps is made from 1" acrylic ,unfortunately is no tested yet, I let you know how it drive a soon is possible .thanks .


Hi Stuart the charging connector is attach to the battery ,when need charge I remove one of the endcaps the charging connector is similar to 11.1v 3 cell Lipo battery ,thanks


Hi Darci_Paulin the e-tube is regular 1/8 thick I thing change to 1/4 thick in the future, thanks.


Really nice looking build :thumbsup:

Would be interested to hear how it goes in the water in particular it buoyancy/trim and where you end up adding ballast or floatation

Looks like it could be a really great alternative build



upgrade hammerhead , some modification on tether, thrusters and neutral buoyancy



Absolutely love that thing. I haven’t searched the history, but do you have build files available?


Remind me. Was that secondary tube that leaked the battery tube?


HI jim_N
thanks ,unfortunate I didn’t have files ,but ,I will explain how was made in my next post .


Hi badevguro
the secondary tube, is a battery hull,the problem is a o ring expand and cause crack on the tube, I ready replace whit a less thickness o ring and replace the tube, now is ready for another dive ,yeaaa , thanks


I love this design… what type of batteries are you using in the secondary tube, and does it adversely affect your dive time?


  • Brian


hi Brian
I’m using a 11.1v 4500mAh lithium-ion polymer this don’t affect dive time, is very usefully you can carry 2 or 3 packs fully charge at the dive site ,and change easily when you need.


I also use the same LiPo. To add, I’ve encased my battery in mineral oil. I lazily left one LiPO in the mineral oil for two months. Didn’t adversely affect it at all.


Hi Jimmy,

Hope your new battery tube is working better then the old one, and you’re maiden voyage went well.

  • Brian


Very cool! i just joined the forum as i’m starting my own build. I’m kinda sad someone else came up with the “hammerhead” name already… now i need to find another name for my design :stuck_out_tongue:

Very very nice build!!


Hi mail1, sorry about that ,i hope find name soon for your new build,and share your progress.