Hall City Cave: An Immersive Look


Undoubtedly, you've heard Eric or me talking about the Hall City Cave. It was impetus for starting OpenROV. We recently went back with a whole film crew, including Immersive Media, who operate a 360 camera that allows you, the viewer to look around the scenes. Here's the link:


Try it out! Move your cursor over the screen and look in whatever direction you like. It's like you're there with us.

More importantly, use your imagination a little. This is where we're going with OpenROV (they already make 360 GoPro mounts that we could attach to the OpenROV to achieve a similar effect). We think this the very tip of the iceberg as far as using new tools to re-imagine exploration. More on that coming soon!


That would be cool!


Real-time 3D immersive underwater exploration. Displayed on a 3D dome display. I was with Jason (WHOI) when they did a live HD video feed of the deep ocean volcanic vents off the Washington coast. That was pretty neat, but this would be REALLY exciting!


Yes! Wouldn't it?!?

And we're actually not that far away form that. We've been eyeing these 360 GoPro mounts to do something similar. The software will be the hard part.


I don't know, I think the biggest limitation will be bandwidth. You can create 3D dome video with the GoPro already ( http://www.dome3d.com/content/fulldome-video-cameras ) that can be post processed and projected on half dome displays. I think the hard part will be doing all this live and sending up multiple live HD signals up the tether. I don't even think GoPros are capable of sending out live video, are they?

One other question regarding using the GoPro's underwater, are you using a red filter? If not, you should seriously consider adding one. They aren't expensive and the color quality is exponentially better with a red filter.


This is really neat, and makes me want this in virtual reality! Apparently there is a company making 360 video for the Oculus Rift virtual reality format, so doing 3D video for making VR games is possible?! I just tried an Oculus headset today... wow.


I was trolling around and I noticed this link is broken. @David_Lang do you have an updated link or archived version?


Hmmm. It used to live here: http://www.mensjournal.com/adventure/driven/the-diy-explorers-20131001/openrov-immersive-clip

Seems to be gone now. Not sure what happened…


This was the group that did it: https://immersivemedia.com/

It seems like their whole gallery is missing.