Gyro code


I have been running Brian Adams gyro code, two items, one problem and one request.

Problem: the keyboard (or X-Box joystick) for the motor controls does not always start work. You can turn on the lights, the gyro is working, and the camera is working but no motors. The motor numbers on the right in the data window do not change. I have 2 systems setup. One is just the electronics on my test bench hooked to a desktop computer running windows XP. The second is the OpenROV hooked to a laptop running windows 7. I have tested it with the keyboard and the X-Box joystick. I have to power the electronics off and then back on, sometimes 3 or 4 times before I can get the motors to work. I am running your code with no additions. It happens on both systems.

Request: On the desktop which is running screen resolution of 1280 by 1024, I can see the compass across the bottom of the screen which is really neat!! On the laptop which is running screen resolution of 1366 by 768, I am missing the compass which I need. Can we move it up a little bit.

I really like the new code. The ability to scroll in the data window and see the data coming back from the OpenROV is great. It helps you watch the motors and the battery voltage. Also the software picks up the X-Box joystick without refreshing the screen. I ran the system in the lake for over 1 ½ hours without any brownouts or problems. Seeing the OpenROV attitude on the screen is so much fun! This just keeps getting better and better.


1285-rovtablefnt.JPG (387 KB) 1286-rovinwater.JPG (140 KB) 1287-rovweeds1.JPG (297 KB)


I pulled the code off the current pull request do to a bug somewhere preventing some of the settings, in this case the smoothing factor used to smooth the power curve for the motors from getting set correctly. If this is happening to you, I suspect you can go backwards but not forward when it happens! I'll hopefully get some time to work on it and get this rather large pull request finished this week.

Thanks for the feedback on the compass position. I'll take a look at some options.


I couldn't go backward or up and down. None of the 3 motors would work even in diagnostics.

If you watch the video you can see the gyro in action. You did a great job!