Guinnes world record attempt


Tomorrow is the BIG day for us. 22’th of October

Check this out for back ground info:

I will try to use my V2.6 with the new camera upgrade and stream it LIVE to the world.
Check out these links: (open group, just join)

We had to abort the attempt 1’st of October 2016 after 10 hours
(the standing record is 13H and 22 minutes in 14 degreed C, in MALTA)
We will go for at least 15H in 8-9 degreed C :smiley:
Hopefully with Aurora Borealis abow us
Starting time: 09 am OSLO-time

  • Tom-Vidar Salangli
    North of Norway(Tromsoe)


Good luck with the attempt!


We did it !!!
15 hours and some minutes.
I will send video files to the openrov guys.
I sadly hade the same leakage problem as last time… so i definitly have an issue i must figure out.
But did manage to film for 4-5 hours in parallell to my youtube live stream.
Great quality of the camera upgrade module.
And we DID have the aurora above :sunglasses:



Her is the link to the stream we made… it seems like there occurred a lot of lost frames in the stream dough…

BUT, thanks alot to the OpenROV guys for helping us out in this attempt. YOU GUYS ROCK \m/


It is less lags after 14 minutes…


Here is the OpenROV logo also added :wink: