Guide 2 Step 58 - Epoxy Clog


Hello, I have run into a bit of trouble with epoxy in Guide 2, step 58. The epoxy used clogged the hole and did not flow through completely into the wire cavity, any suggestions for removal? If not, I was considering the best option to start another epoxy flow through from the other cavity opening (the rectangular end where the wires come out). Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


Id add more epoxy from the other end (Rectangle end) and make sure theres enough, it should fill in any gaps left by the previous.

Hope that helps


What brand of and speed of setting up epoxy did you use?
The recommended epoxy takes approximately 30 minutes to setup which should have given you plenty of time to fill the connector/wire cavity. It sounds like your epoxy setup much too quickly which caused the hole to clog up.