Guide 2-Epoxy Questions


Hello, I am about to use epoxy to waterproof the endcap with the db-25 cable.

I have read a lot of forum posts where people have difficulty getting epoxy around all the wires and crevices, thus not making it fully waterproof.

To avoid this problem, could I first fill some of the cavity with epoxy without the white acrylic backing lid on? After it has filled and cured, I can then acrylic cement the white cap. After, I can fill the rest of the gaps with the cement. Would that avoid the problem?

If not, what are some tips to fill the entire cavity with epoxy? (making sure it gets around the wires) I am using a 2 hour marine epoxy from lepage. Thanks for your help!!


For potting the Pass-Through Channel you need an epoxy that flows well. I would compare the viscosity of the 2 hour marine epoxy to the viscosity of the recommended 2 ton epoxy. For this potting effort you really need an epoxy with as low a viscosity as possible so that it will flow well in the wire channel.
Before I potted my Pass-Through Channel I arranged the wire bundle such that the wires were as parallel to each other as possible in the channel so that the epoxy would have minimal resistance as it flowed along the wires to the channel outlet. Make sure to use a full tube of epoxy and to let all the bubbles in the tubes rise to the top of the tubes’ outlet before starting the mixing process. Also, I would do the potting when the temperature is above 70 degrees F.


Thank you so much for the help! I will compare the viscosity of the marine epoxy to the recommended one, and follow your advice with arranging the wires. Thanks again!