GUI displays zero volts?


The batteries have just been fully charged and pins 4/5 and 6/7 on the Arduino display ~10V on my voltmeter, but the web app displays 0V and the motors won’t spin. However, I still get an image from the camera. Why might this be? Thanks.


If the telemetry is not flowing (data on the right hand side) then the voltages won’t update. Has this ROV worked in the past or are you in the process of a new build?


The telemetry is not flowing. The robot has been used before but took water damage and the electronics were replaced. This is the first time I am starting it with the new components. I guess the problem is the telemetry isn’t flowing?


It sounds like the Arduino has not been flashed. Try doing step 15 of this guide. This needs to be done every time a new image is applied to the BeagleBone Black.