Group-buy of acrylic tubes for build (primarily NORWAY)


I'm situated in Norway, and have struggeled ALOT to get hold of the acrylic tubes needed in the openrov build.

plexiglas-shop charges about 100euros for a single set of parts included shipping!

mcmaster-carr wont ship to norway

localy in norway: extremely expensive, and you only get full 2meter lenghts, and an astronomic cost for cutting.


I found after some googling, they have very low price on the acrylic, and they gave me a quote of 2euros per cut and 40euros for shipping (up to 30Kg) for 40euro.

But you must buy full 2meter lenghts that they cut for you.

So are anyone interessted in doing a group buy?

i dont need 10pcs of main tubes for myself, and certainly not many prop shrouds.

I would take no handling charge, and there would be full disclosure of all involved costs.(facebook/google group for all involved persons)

because of extreme shipping charges in norway to other contries, i would initaly limit this group-buy to within Norway. but i'm open to check specific charges to diffrent contries.

i've attached their quote to me. my initial idea is similar to the kit with regards to the main hull and the prop shrouds. but i've changed to a bit bigger tubes for batteries, and put in a rod of pvc to machine battery-caps.

1659-Angebot_331243.pdf (71.6 KB)


Have you looked at the link to the EU bill of materials and plexiglas I found them quite reasonable


they charge 32euros for 1 main tube, a prop shroud tube, and some tubes for battery.

but they also charge 75euro for the shipping!

1661-plexiglasshop.jpg (42.1 KB)


Hi Thomas,

look here:

The price is inclusive of cutting length.

Greetings Holger



Thank you very much for the tip! this was really cheap!

from my first looks, they dont seem to ship abroad, but i have sent them an email to ask.


Hi Thomas.

Have you solved this problem?
I have a laser cutter and access to acrylics in Oslo.

Only problem is that the european measurements is done in mm, not in inches.

I'm in the process of redrawing the chassis to fit european measurements and a full chassis would be around kr. 1500,-.

It's also possible to just have the parts involving the positioning of the tube cut.

Let me know if you're interested, or anyone else for that matter... ;-)

(Please specify whether it's the chassis for V2.6 or 2.7 you're interested in.)




I guess you didn't buy a kit to build yourself?

I'm, at this point, not in the need for any acrylic tube parts :(

but, I have 2-comp glue for potting etc in spare....if you need.(same as in the intruction video)

and I also have a few sets of the Life-po4 adapters



Excellent, Peter

cool to know there are folks in Norway who can cut parts :)


Hi Tom-Vidar.

I actually have two kits, one 2.6 and one 2.7... ;-)

The last one was finished last sunday, built as a part of a workshop that took place in Oslo during the last two weekends. (Apparently the first workshop ever outside the US,)

I also built the chassis Ion drawed for the "hydrodynamic" ROV:
Hydrodynamic chassis first build.

This wasn't an instant success, being rear heavy and it's hard to secure the end caps, but I'll get it out of the tub and into the sea and do some side-by-side testing with the 2.7 before I let it go... ;-)