Gripper for less than $40


I built a gripper from Ebay, Yahoo, and local hardware parts on my 2.8. It uses a rubber stopper (cut into 3 pieces), threaded bar (cut into two pieces) and locknuts from a local ACE hardware store (all for less than 10 usd), 1pc Updated version MG996R Metal (Amazon 6.98 usd), and a Robotic-Clamp-Gripper-Claw-Bracket-Servo-Controlled-Mounted-Grabber from Ebay (20 usd, or less than 10 usd direct from china). You also need to waterproof the servo by filling with non-corrosive and non-conductive lubricant and sealing with epoxy on the exterior seams and wiring connections. All metal parts need corrosion preventive coating too. I’ll show a video later of the completed project. The build was meant to be light and simple using the techniques we used to build out ROVs.


Claw waterproof: Filled o-ring lube into gear cavity, coated circuit boards and cable wires with 6 min epoxy. Closed and sealed case seams and screw heads with epoxy. Cavity spilled excess lube when closing. Wiped excess lube off and applied to claw sliding joints. Applied single Velcro strip into slots of claw to give better grip. Following video is claw test before final waterproofing and Velcro addition.Claw Motion Test