Great Trident Case


Just recieved the Trident in the mail today and can’t wait to get it in the water. Just wanted to share what I’ll be using for a case. I was stoked to find the large RIGID tool boxes from Home Depot are an almost perfect fit for the foam that ships with the Trident, with enough extra room for a tablet, controller etc. I think they run about $40 or so, have nice latches, a water resistant gasket and a nice carry handle, they also have snap handles on the sides to link multiple cases together. I have to go check out the XL size with rollers and see if it fits the 100m tether. I’ve been using them on the boat for years and they hold up well, strong enough to stand on, and take a beating pretty well.


Nice! Going to pick one up this week!


FYI, the XL Rigid case with the rollers is not tall enough to fit the 100m tether, but still fits the Trident, 25m tether and plenty of room for extras if you prefer a rolling case to a hand carry.


Good to know, thanks! I have a Trident coming, but didn’t have a plan for how to move it around. Good to has a report on something that has some usage history behind it.


I’ve been through a lot of different toolboxes/cases and am a big fan of these for a sturdy water resistant box. The medium size is the best bang for the buck, XL good if you want rollers, my least favorite is the small one just because there is a lot if wasted space in it, though it does have nice little bins for organizing small parts. They do make a milk crate box that can snap on to it, I think that would be handy for a spot to let the Trident dry out and other gear dry out.


Just got my Trident on the 26th. I’ve now picked up one of these and trimmed the foam a bit to fit. You are right, it is a very well-made rugged case. Thanks again for the suggestion. I’ll have to keep an eye out for teh milk crate. That would be handy to have on top of it. There were none at the local Home Depot, but there are a lot of those around. I’ll check online and see what I can find.

Hey, I have a question about your pictures: you show a tablet and a game controller. Since I’m new to the OpenROV platform, I am just using a tablet. I’d love to interface a controller to it. That seems a more attractive option for me personally than the integrated controller/tablet sold by OpenROV. I’m sure that is great, but I already have a Samsung 10" tablet and 3 or 4 extra PS3 controllers around for other robotics projects. I don’t want to hijack your thread, so if you can point me to a resource I’d appreciate it. Otherwise, I’ll start a new thread about it on an appropriate board. Thanks!


This thread has instructions for the Dual Shock controllers about halfway through, which I think are the PS 3 controllers? I like the seperate controller but the one I bought keeps losing connection so have to try another brand.

So that Medium Case is a great fit and more compact but after a few trips to the boat with other gear to haul to the boat as well, I ended up keeping the XL rolling case also and snapping the RIGID milk crate to the top of it. The 100m tether fits in the crate and the Trident does also so you don’t have to put it away wet at the end of the day.


Thanks, I’ll check out that thread on the controllers.

That does look like a good set up with the milk crate. Took my Trident out today for the first time and did have to bring it back outside the case since it was still wet. But at least I ran it in something besides a swimming pool! I think I’d put a few old towels in the milk case. One should never travel without your towel!

Happy New Year, BTW. It is 14 minutes old here!


The Trident may be in need of a Don’t Panic or Mostly Harmless sticker.


LOL! Glad you picked up on that allusion! Either of those stickers would seem appropriate.

Found a milk crate and have that setup going now. I suspect the roller cart is in the future. It does look like a very solidly built, flexible system. I lug enough various robotics, electrical, etc. parts around to different venues that I think the investment will be worthwhile. Thanks for sharing the suggestion!