Graupner 2308.60 M3 or M4?


Hi every one,
I try to buy Propeller on , but i only see Graupner 2308.60 M4, i dont find Graupner marine screws with custom M3 threaded. What can i do? That DST-700 brushless DC motor has M3 too?
Where can i buy a 2308.60 M3?

Building ROVs in Germany/local distributors

The Graupner props with the M3 threaded inserts are custom made for us by Graupner. You can buy them on our store here.

If you use a stock Graupner prop from Cornwall model boats, it will have an M4 insert, and must be epoxied onto the end of the DST-700 motor.



Would an M3 to M4 thread adapter work?