GPS tracking for OPENROV 2.8


What is the best way to keep track of the position of the OPENROV?
Ideally I like to have a accurate method of tracking the OPENROV .
I have just bought the 2.8 and am awaiting delivery.
Can the GPS position of the laptop be tracked so at least if you seem something of interest when viewing or reviewing a video you at least have a reference point if you wish to return to have a better look, ideally with a screen overlay of the GPS position on the recorded video.
At present my best option is to use a program like Oziexplorer to keep a track of the position of the boat/laptop and reference the time on the video to the log of the time and position of the GPS Video time and Laptop time would be the same.
Oziexplorer is quite useful for seeing and recording GPS tracks and you can generate your own custom maps which can be made in such a way that GPS tracks that are only a meter apart can be made show up clearly on the map.
There may be a third party program that can do a GPS screen overlay when recording the streamed video but I am not sure if it is compatible with the 2.8 software.
What are my options ?
I am interested in search and recovery of missing persons and would like to know what areas I have searched.
Can the software keep a breadcrumb track or a map of the different areas the Rov has traveled.
Any help would be appreciated



Joe, I am working with a program that lets me use navigational charts and a GPS module on my computer. I have not yet tried to do a screen capture with split screen or bouncing back and forth but at least I have everything on the same PC.


The only way to do it is to use an underwater transponder. The cost is very expensive, thousands of dollars compared to the OpenROV cost. Transponder locations can be calculated within a few feet relative to the boat/launch location. The transponder receiver can provide an accurate vectored distance from the boat/launch with accuracy dependent upon costs. Accuracy also is dependent upon water temperature, layers of different water temperature currents, and quality of water (fresh, salt, and particulate content/creatures as well as pollution attenuation). GPS locations are accurate to a around 7 feet and are only available above water. You will be within 330 feet of the GPS position at all times with your OpenRov. The GPS software you recommended using works well and is relatively cheap with low cost and free maps available. It is just not cost effective unless you are a serious professional or money to burn.


I mean, It’s possible, but the technology’s still pretty new at this stage, so it’s really expensive, just like a newly released smartphone, so if I were you, I’d probably try out satellite tracking using a car’s GPS system. It’s usually always ±0.00000001ºN, 0.00000001ºE off, probably because of the seawater’s surface distorting the radio waves passing from air into the water