GoPro top mounting


Here is a link to the 3D print file for a wrap around Trident bracket to allow top mounting as illustrated below.

I’ve also created a version for a GoPro quick release shoe mount. Pics to follow.


Hey, great work. How’s the buoyancy affected? Does the mound compensate for the weight of the camera?


Now attached link for wrap around shoe mount. Seen below with LED light array. Both of these top mounted payloads do have a pronounced effect on handling and will require some ballast trimming (In my bathtub test - it’s off season here in UK with boats laid up - I found around 1/2 ounce of buoyancy ahead of vertical motor and same in ballast to rear centre of underside grid gave a decent balance) but this will depend upon the individual payload. It’s definitely usable, for example, to perform a hull underpass or similar or for extra lighting as shown.