GoPro Payload Communication using Dmitriy's iptables


@Dmitry has provided an iptables script to communicate with a GoPro payload from the topside. It seems like other user DIY payloads could also be communicated with if they provided a WiFi AP like the GoPro or possibly just use sockets. My intent is to convey a basic toehold into payload communication that other DIYers could expand on.

Refer to Dmitriy’s github link for instructions :
Use GoPro official Android app with Trident Drone. | [“Use GoPro official Android app with Trident Drone”]

I only changed one item from Dmitriy’s instructions. My TSAP IP was vs It’s used when setting the TSAP WiFi connection → Advanced → Gateway IP.

Once the above is working, the following scripts copied to the /home/rov directory will execute like above, and also provide more visibility.

GoPro (3.6 KB) # Executes the following scripts # Dmitriy’s iptables PayloadProvision for GoPro # Display IPs used in # GoPro payload WiFi AP connected and signal level
GoPro HTTP Cmds.html # Basic commands, work in progress. Edit PASSWORD to yours.

  1. I used JuiceSSH on Android to login to the Trident via the TSAP and execute ./

  2. I used the 3DP T Mount by @cmcp.
    3D design OpenROV Trident T Mount | Tinkercad

  3. A good reference for GoPro commands and APIs is :
    GitHub - KonradIT/goprowifihack: Unofficial GoPro WiFi API Documentation - HTTP GET requests for commands, status, livestreaming and media query.

  4. I didn’t have any success using the GoPro Capture or Quik apps. I used the Android Camera Suite app and GoPro HTTP Cmds.html to communicate with the GoPro3+ Silver via the TSAP.

If you find this useful, consider contributing to Dmitriy’s iOS Cockpit Patreon account since there’s finally some payload communication.
DimaRU is creating is creating control app for the Sofar Trident Underwater Drone. | Patreon.

I copied the following members since they’ve expressed interest in payload communication in the forum :
@i.mckernan @Scott_W @balder.matt @boatsd @Jim_N @Jim_T @neilhuxleymail


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