Google Street view has started to map ... underwater


Fresh from the press, Google Street view now includes underwater panoramas:
Dive into the Great Barrier Reef with the first underwater panoramas in Google Maps.

Imagine what we could do if OpenROV users start to map the explorations they do... crowd-sourced underwater mapping...


I just clicked around on the links (thanks) and I think I am getting that the setup for this is just like the google mapping cars - cameras pointing every which way? If they wanted to play ball with little guys and crowd source this they would have to settle for a little less than the "svii" camera obviously. This possibly could look like the google earth sketchup thing where they wanted to crowdsource the building of models of cities and that is why they bought sketchup in the first place. Then they recently got technology to do it without the crowds help and sold sketchup a few months ago. But the interesting part is if they were serious about this there is no way they could do it without the crowd (not as easy as outfitting a few cars) and also leaps in tech forward like the ones that killed sketchup contributions to google earth would be not as likely. very interesting to think about thanks.