Google Sketchup


Considering that any piece of software with the letters "CAD" appended to its name sends me running for the hills I was wondering if anyone had made a model in Google SketchUp?

I'd like to do one but can't import any of the AutoCAD files from Github into SketchUp.

Essentially all I need is the actual metric measurements of each part to mock them up in SketchUp and them smash them together into some vague representation of a finished 3D Model.

Anyone got an OpenROV 2.3, a vernier gauge and an hour to kill?

Would be highly appreciated.




Sketchup (Trimble - the new name) imports dwg and dxf in the pro version.

You can also buy a step-format importer for sketchup from - for about $100. Step is a standardized interchange format.

I converted the main assembly (from the development branch) to step: