Google Ocean View


Well, this is just beyond cool. Google has just announced their new Seaview project, which aims to be the Google Street View of the ocean. We obviously believe there's huge potential there.

I still believe the true heart of effective citizen science requires low-cost, DIY tools. Maybe there's a way to bring the two together, amateur Astronomy has done it beautifully with Dobsonian telescopes + Zooniverse.

What do you think, both of the project and the citizen science potential?


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Hi David, all.

I'm the manager of a global information network on Antarctic biodiversity ( I see a very cool potential in these initiatives, if they are well documented and linked to complimentary resources. I'm contemplating the idea of coupling DIY ROV (with basic data logging features), AND a dedicated datamanagement/visualization website using crowd sourcing to help identify the organisms the ROV could take pictures of. Disseminating this ensemble within our community as part of a basic "going to Antarctica" kit for those involved in aquatic biodiversity, would be a breakthrough. There are nice avenues also if this is nicely hooked upon larger initiatives dealing with observation systems.




Hi Bruno,

Thanks for the note! What a cool project you're working on! We love your thinking on coupling DIY ROVs and data management/visualization portal. We've talked to the guys who created Zooniverse and this is something that's definitely possible.

Bottom line: we agree completely and that's definitely something we'd love to create/contribute to. It should exist!!

First step is creating a low-cost and capable ROV that everyone can easily obtain. The community here is building that together. It's pretty exciting!

Please keep up the awesome work and let us know how we can help.


Hello Bruno and David,

We're working on a nice and easy to use acoustic positioning system and it would be nice to pair up with somebody that's interested in doing mapping with prototype hardware. I don't have an ROV so figured this is a good place to meet up with people who'd like to play with positioning hardware to help us test it. I'm not a salesman, more just interested in finding people that want to play with our systems but here's a link that shows the hand sized main bottles of the positioning system:

We setup a bunch of those bottles cabled to white pucks with a GPS and radio so that a PC can talk to all of the stations and track targets.

Well, it would be great to be able to contribute if I can. This project is pretty cool and I appreciate your work!