Google Glasses & Eyewear



Has anyone used any head wear to view the ROV Cockpit. I am toying with the idea of getting some Google Glasses or another type of Glasses and wanted to know what you may have used and how they worked out for navigating the ROV in bright sun light. Any input or guidance would be much appreciated.


There has been a lot of talk about using the Oculus Rift. Colin and a few others are planning to work more on that this summer.



I have an Oculus Rift, and have started to look a bit on navigation..

This is what I reached so far.

It is a 3D environment using canvas elements as texture, so those various elements do not need be drawn again.

And yes it is a OpenRov Plugin :)



I need to update the plugin spec so that you can host these from your own github account and let the community pull them into their ROVs. We have a Oculus Rift handy, look forward to trying it out!



Ohhh, nice :)


Hi David

I have been researching video glasses. I think I will try a pair of these.

zetronix z230VG. What do you think?



Thanks for posting what you are looking at for glasses. I have not yet tested any eyewear for the ROV and am waiting to see how the testing goes on the Oculus Rift. These seem to be very costly and was hoping that there would be other less costly solutions that will do the trick. If you decide to move forward on your choice of glasses please post how they perform for you. Some of the things that I am looking for is Field of view, 30,40 degrees etc, higher the better, Resolution, Sunlight blocking around the eyes, wireless would be a plus.

Yours look to be 26 degrees and a resolution of 340x240 so I am not sure how the cockpit will look like.

Virtual Screen Size
50" 4:3 from 6 feet away Display Resolution 320x240 230,000 pixels Size

6.6" x 1.46" x 1.18"


2.5 oz.

Angle of View 24 bit 16.7 Million Colors AV Input 26 Degrees Operational Voltage

3.5mm female, 4-Pole, AV RCA(Red, White, Yellow) Connectors

Battery Stereo Headphones Operation Tem. 14 - 140 Fahrenheit Operating Age 5 - 120 Sound Multimedia Stereo Headphones - See more at:


Hi David

My thoughts. I agree that we shouldn’t spend big dollars on these. The price on this technology is dropping rapidly. For myself, I don’t need super high definition but good enough to navigate the ROV. The question is would it be clear enough to read the info on the dashboard and not be effected by the sunlight conditions. I guess the only way to find out is to buy one and try it. If it doesn’t work I can always use it to watch movies.



I was thinking about using an Oculus Rift as well as it is hard to see in the sunlight as you mention. Are you planning on using it just for viewing?

I would like to also use the motion tracking and be able to tilt the camera up and down from the OR rather than keystroke, which would be more natural. Additionally, the left/right motion I would map to turn the ROV and just use a gamepad for the other controls.

Has anyone thought about using a Dive, which you can download the 3D model and print?


The Dive looks like it has potential if there was a way to send the desktop via wireless to the smartphone.