Good news! Trident thruster original brushless motor is now available for purchase online

Hello everyone, I am FengXiaole, a salesperson of X-TEAM company. With the support of OPENROV, we have restarted the brushless motor production line of Trident thruster, and provide online sales, support individual long shaft motor order, individual short shaft motor order, long shaft Ordered with a stub shaft combination kit, and comes with propeller, screw, waterproof pad accessories. We only support PAYPAL online payment. We cooperate with FedEx, the world’s top courier company, and support all countries in the world. We ensure that the package is dispatched within 10 working days after your payment, and the package tracking number is uploaded on the order page. If you need bulk purchase, you can contact us by email:, you will get preferential price for bulk purchase.

Link to order page: