Glitch causes recording to fail

I just received my new JXD controller from Sofar. I have updated the app and the Trident also has the latest firmware. Right from the start, a problem has appeared. If I let the Trident recording run for more than a couple of minutes, I get a sudden white screen for a few seconds, it drops me out of pilot mode, says searching for Trident for another second or so, then gives me “ready to dive”. I am then able to reenter the pilot mode, but am unable to stop or close the recording, even if I reboot the controller. The only way to end the recording is to disconnect Trident from the tether, and this results in the loss of the recording. Here is a video of how it looks when refusing to end the recording (ie after the white screen has happened):

If you start and stop the recordings after first powering on and launching Trident, everything works, but you can only get short 1-2 minute clips. If you let it run too long, the white screen appears and that’s it, you’ve lost the whole recording. Trident still controls fine after the white screen and sometimes the low-res pilot recording saves to the controller, but most of the time the file comes out as corrupt. Trident just doesn’t show a file at all in its internal memory after it has glitched.

Up until I got the new controller, I have not encountered this issue while using a normal android tablet, it’s just the new JXD controller, although I haven’t tested it again by going back to a tablet.

As I said, all software is up to date and all the equipment is nearly new. I’m at a loss what to do, right now I can only get short 2-minute clips of HD video, if I let it run longer I lose everything I have shot.

Any suggestions/ideas for assistance?

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Had the same problems sadly, I also Believe there will be know further updates.
How they come to mess this up I don’t know.

G’day Jonathan,

I have experienced similar glitches with my phone, tablet and also with the controller. Video drop outs and loss of signal are rare but it happens enough for it to be annoying. I have not yet determined the cause however I have always suspected it was caused by WiFi interference. In my case the glitch appears to happen when I operate Trident in congested areas.

I have lost several videos so it would be nice to know if there is an official recommended fix for this glitch or if it will be added to the update schedule. I have also noted that in some cases the glitched video files appear to be saved on Trident however they are not accessible via Cockpit (the available space on the SD card is significantly less than 20Gb even after downloading and deleting all other video files). There might be a way to recover and repair the video files using direct access to the SD card…

As a temporary work-around, and since I already had the equipment, I use the Nighthawk router setup recommended for use in live data streaming. This seems to work by creating a stronger and more resilient WiFi connection via the dual band feature of the Nighthawk router
but I have never bothered to check so it might also be pure coincidence and luck that I experience less glitches when using the Nighthawk.