Giving Open-ROV Pre-planned trajectory


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to know if its possible to give the OpenROV a pre-planned trajectory to follow, something similar to this video:

Of course, I am not interested to give it a trajectory through a phone yet, just through the computer to which is connected at. If anyone can give me a point of start at what files should I look at or any tips it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Hey Patrick,

There are a couple places you can put this code. The easiest would probably to make a plugin for the node process. That plugin can send the yaw, thrust, and lift commands to the arduino through our hardware serial abstraction. Take a look at the rovpilot plugin as a start. Imagine putting your own sequence of commands that are then sending the deps.rov.send('thro('+target_throttle_value+')'); etc...


Thank you for your suggestion. For now I figured a simpler way to give it a pre-planned trajectory, which requires the OpenROV to be tethered though. Will post it once I make a few tests.

But I am still interested in looking in looking into these files. I know some Javascript, but I'm not too familiar with Node JS yet, so excuse me if I ask you some basic questions.

I looked into the index.js file in the rovpilot folder. If I add my own code in there, will the OpenROV execute it once we turn it on?