Gimbal Mounted Camera & Fatshark Goggles


Hi All,
As a newbie I have a few questions so as not to waste time with things already tried :slight_smile:

Q. Has anyone tried a gimbal mounted camera that can be operated with head tracking on fatshark goggles?

As I am a Quadcopter guy I think a OpenROV is a perfect idea & am very keen to get into it. I am more thinking about a immersed experience while I’m souring through the seas. I image flying through the water like I would through the sky.

Taking it to the next step will be using a twin video camera to immerse ourselves into a 3D environment with true depth perception while viewing through a Oculus Rift

Dare to Dream lol :smile:


As far as a submersible gimble goes, I’d keep an eye on the bluerobotics website in the coming months…