Gettings Started build ROV


Hi everyone. I am new to ROV and want to build a ROV. I am will be using a BeagleBone Black.Where can i get any good infomation where to start.


Here are links to my custom built ROVs: Convert OpenROV 2.8 to Blue Robotics M100 brushless motors and Blue Robotics/OpenROV 2.8 Hybrid ROV.

The OROV 2.8 Controller Board uses a BeagelBone Black and a custom Arduino 2560 Mega Shield.

You could just build an OpenROV 2.8 ROV if it meets your requirements.



Hi, I am starting to acrylic cement the ROV parts. Are a few air bubbles in the joints okay? Thanks!


Ok. So the project will be using 8 motors, two camera for video feed and some sensors for pressure and temp.
Is it enought to use one OpenROV Controller Board v2.8 or should it be better to use the controllers from BlueRobotics?


The OROV 2.8 Controller Board is designed to handle 20 amps of current continuous and around 32 amps peak for a brief period. The DST-700 brushless motor draw around 7 amps max current while the Blue Robotics T200 thrusters can draw up to 25 amps max. As you can see the OROV 2.8 Controller Board is really designed for the current draw of the DST-700 brushless motors and the onboard BeagleBone Black and Arduino 2560 Mega.

If you plan to use eight thrusters (motors) in a fairly robust ROV I would recommend the Blue Robotics T200 Thrusters as they are specifically designed for use in water, both fresh and saltwater, with minimum maintenance. The Blue Robotics ESCs are stock SimonK ESC that have been programmed with forwards and reverse firmware and will handle the current draw of the T200 Thrusters.

Blue Robotics also offers a wide range of WTCs, Batteries, and accessories to be able to assemble the ROV configuration that you are envisioning.

I have built a BlueROV2 ROV from piece-parts using six Blue Robotics BlueESC T100 Thrusters that you can read about here.

Building a quality, low maintenance ROV is not an inexpensive undertaking and requires attention to detail and a well equipped shop.



I suggest that you post your issue with bubbles in the joints here as your issue is really an OROV build issue.