Getting a free starter rov


I just seen watched the TV show the big picture with kal pen, and it was stated that anyone could get the parts needed for assembling an rov for free off the website!!! Is this true???


Hey youngblood88,

Unfortunately we would not be able to afford giving the actual parts away at no cost, but we do make all of the design files and build instructions available for free to everyone! Our hope is that this will help fuel innovation in marine telerobotic exploration around the world. You can find our design files on GitHub here (click on “hardware” to see the mechanical design files) and you can access the assembly procedure here.

We also sell kits for the ROV in our store here.

Thanks for the interest!



For those of you that are curious the series is available on Netflix. It is called “Big Picture with Kal Penn” and OpenROV is featured in Episode 12 “Off the Map.”