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after following the Open Rov for some time , I decided to buy a 2.8 Kit to explore the alpine Lakes around Munich.
Most of the time very clear water lakes, depth unto 100 m…
In the past I already build underwater Cameras etc… and I wanted to build a ROV from scratch.
But I think it is better to use the knowledge of OpenRov .
The new Trident looks awesome, but I can´t wait until November :wink: and want to explore and modify …so the 2.8 Kit for the moment is better…

First of all …Wowowow!!! what you have created, and how the Community works, I hope I can add some new sights the next months… I have some Arduino People in my office, myself no clue of programming at all, but I have no fear to assemble the Kit… a lot of DIY projects have been completed the last years.

My Kit will come the next weeks, and I want too “prepare” myself a little …

Are there any sources known for the Glue / acrylic Cement / Batteries etc in Germany / Europe ??
I already had a look around, but probably there are other builders who can give me some helpful hints!

I am living in Munich, maybe there are some Openrovs around, so we can share some thoughts!

I will probably have some more Queries as my travel starts … so please be a little patient with a Novice

That´s all for now, I can´t wait until my parcel arrives!


( actually dutch , from Holland, but living for 20 yrs in Munich germany)


Hey Roel,

welcome to OpenROV! I am sure you will have good time!

I am based in Northern Germany and very happy to help. Have a look at these threads for advice:

Acryl cement:

(I used Dichloromethane available from the local drugstore)

Batteries and charger:

For the glue: Usually standard 2 component epoxy and standard super glue should work.

If i come to Munich soon, i will let you know! I would love to explore those lakes! Feel free to share more questions!


Hi Fe3C (?)

I do not want to use this Dichloromethane… too anxious about the fumes…
I will try to contact a acryl workshop to find alternatives…
Doesn´t Uhu plast work…?

For the Batteries , do you use the ones mentioned and do they work properly…
I´m too confused about the different Voltage and dimensions (1 mm longer) , but these are the 26650 so they should work…

It´s still a long way for me…probably the kit comes in 2 weeks, and I will try to get diving in Beginning of 2016!




The alternatives that were available to me for the acryl cement were about 80 Euro (with shipping) and were mainly made out of dichloromethane (which was 4 euro) anyway. So I decided to do it this way :smile: but agree. I am sure it was not too healthy. And I am not sure about the Uhu plast. The cement does cold weld the acryl pieces together and it is an extremely strong bound. Stronger than the actual acryl.

Yes i ordered those, and so far they work extremely well. I can recommend them.

It will all work out, do not worry :smile:



Here is another source of the acrylic cement


Thank you, i have seen this Offer on the web, but I think it is extremely expensive for 50 ml.
With shipping it´s 80€ and for that I almost get 1000 ml here in Munich.

I am contacting acrylic workshops, so they can fill a small can with the Acrifix 0117 which is only available in 1000 ml here.
This cement is not as hazardous as pure Dichloromethane and much safer to work with.



I found at a local Plexiglass Workshop Acrifix 117, so everything fine…!!

The Kit arrived so here we go!



Excellent! Is it available for shipping too, so that i might use it for a future built? What was the price and the size of the glue?



they are not shipping it… but I think that every plexi workshop is willing to fill a small bottle.
Acrifix is only available in 1 Kg bottles, and you need only a little.
I paid about 10€ for 80 ml. which is ok for me…

Will start the next days!



Hi, yeah, the offer we have on our web-store is for the cement, the applicator, a handy small container with vaseline for the o-rings, and 2 x 14 mL epoxy syringes. These last are imported from the US, which bumps the price up substancially. We have tested other options of epoxy, including stuff from Modulor in Germany, but nothing beats the Devcon stuff with regards to ease of use.

If anyone is interested in only the cement, let us know, and we can create a new thingy with only this item.
Actually, you will only need about 5 - 10 ml of cement for the whole build, but we’ve found the blue 30ml bottles are quite nice and handy.


Thanks Roy,
Yes your kit is very useful, but I managed to source the stuff locally.
The UHU epoxy is very nice… With 3 nozzles and 90 min curing.
I just finished the Perspex gluing with the acrifix… Works nicely.

Now I’m after a decent charger…most of them are for lion…

The cells are no problem…ordered 12 to have 2 sets…



Great stuff! Yeah Acrifix is what we are using too. It work like a sharrm, but recently we have found that the room need to be a bit warm, if not it takes ages to evaporate. Could you provide a link to the epoxy? We have chargers in stock, but they are pretty common, you should be able to get them on Amazon or Ebay. Looking forward to see what your ROV gets up to when your finished :smile:


I use this epoxy:

and yes… the acrifix does´t react wenn it is too cold… I had my windows for ventilation open and nothing happened…
But a longer time to correct the pieces is also not bad… :wink:

Upto now I am really happy with the Kit…



Thanks for sharing Roel. I see the URU has mixing canulas, great. I just noticed one issue: the URU has a tensile strength of “300 kg”, while the Devcon is 2 tons. May not be a problem though, could be interesting to read the whole spec. In any case I would be a bit careful in the start.


In fact the UHU is superior… With max. 30 N
25000 PSI is per square inch…!
2500 psi = 17.23689323295 newton/millimeter²

And those are just theoretical values, only reached by curing the epoxy
In high temperatures…



ok, I’ll take a closer look at it. Much better for us to source stuff in EU than from USA


Good evening,

Does anyone of you have information aboit german forums and/or about european sellors for the Openrov ?
How many hours does it take to build “correctly and seriously” the Openrov ?

Thanks for all information !



Hey Marc,

welcome to OpenROV. This is the official, international forum. I am not aware of any German (or so) alternative. Usually the OpenROV is sourced through the OpenROV web store, but there is a European [website] ( too. (I am sure @Roy_Petter_Dyrdahl_T can help!) I think the kit is the same. You should however be aware of VAT or import tax.

If you have all needed materials ready, you can easily complete the built on one weekend.


Thanks a lot for this information. Have just visited the spanish website. Their prices are far more expensive compared tu US !

Strange as the change rate US dollar and € is nearly 1 to 1 !



There is a German Facebook site, but nothing happening there…
I bought my openrov before Christmas together with the IMU and a pair of external lights.
Within 10 days everything arrived in Munich, no vat bill yet :innocent:
The kit is possible to build within a weekend, but I just made it in a week, letting all epoxy etc cure for enough time, and read all manuals and comments before… Because it is easy to make a mistake…and difficult to “repair”

But the kit is just so well done, and the manuals so clear…it is easy with the right tools and glues.
See another thread about sourcing these in Germany / Europe…

Now I am waiting for my batteries to arrive…and hopefully everything works the way it should…

Next is to make the tether neutral buoyant and try to get it running with my iPad.

Costs I do not now exactly compared with the Spanish site… Do not forget the vat you normally have to pay… Aim still waiting so maybe lucky…

Go and buy one… Just assembling the kit is already a lot of fun!