Gerber Files



I like your project and want to build my own ROV.

As I have the ambition and intension to create everything on my own I don't want to buy the already assembled cape.

I got all the files from the github but I am not able to open the files with any of the available Gerber viewers.

Which software are/were you using? And is it possible to convert the files into Eagle format?

Best regards


what are your intensions? to get the pcb produced, and solder it yourself?

The boards are multi-layer, so they cannot be made at home. there are also atleast one component that are nearly impossible to solder with soldering-iron, it has to be reflowed.

The Gerbers are production files for the pcb, and are readable by my manufacturers import software, so the files should be good. but i'm not familiar of the origin software for the design. looks like altium designer.

The cape can be simplified to make it easier to make on your own, based on a beaglebone-prototype cape, or just a veroboard. i would use the schematics as a reference, and see what you could reduce to make this simpler.

But frankly.. the cape is cheap compared to the cost to make it on your own.