General questions


First off. Great work every one. This is by far the best looking home made rov I’ve seen on the net. Simply butiful.
I’ve been dreaming of making my own ROV for many years, and a couple of years ago I got luck and found myself a job in the ROV business. And from that day I’ve been putting my home made rov plan out in action.

I got some questions.
In the openrov introduction video is an arduino card in use, what is it doing in the system?

Can some one make a simple block sketch of the system layout? Makes it easy for us newbees to get up and running.

Why don’t anyone put in a lateral thruster? The option of moving strate sideways is valuable. If there is a currant where you dive, you would always have to drive to the side of what your filming and then let the currant carry the ROV past, and if u miss on your first shot then you will have to reverse and start all over again.
The best option in my opinion is vectorized thrusters. 4 thrusters working together to move the ROV in a horizontal direction.
But this would make it more expensive.

All in all impressive work, impressive ROV.



Hi Helge,

Thanks for the post. A few quick answers:

Arduino to control servos/ESCs.

Block sketch is a good idea. Better documentation is coming.

Original designs had 4 thrusters - allowing for lateral movement. We went down to 3 to cut costs and make the system simpler. Could be included in future versions, certainly.