Gen 2 Motor Status?


Its been a while since we’ve received updates regarding testing of the new generation motors. My order was delayed (again) until this month. Can we get an update from the OPENROV staff on where things stand with production and the nextgen motors?

Thanks -


Hey @spaceaholic - There were some minor delays, but for the most part we’re still on schedule. We’ve now started shipping the first batch of Gen2 motors, and you should have received an email confirming your address etc… If not, email and they should be able to help you. Thank you for waiting, and we’re looking forward to getting this to you!



I have not received the email…will send them a note now…


Eric (or anybody at OPENROV who is reading this forum)…I have sent two notes to the support email address provided and have not had any responses back. Can you assist with unsticking this? Need an update on when the order will ship…order #'s

102919596 ( that is the controller

102919592 ( this is the Trident (with improved motors) along with 100m Tether and hardcase.