Garage sales of OpenROV kits and accessories


Hi all,

we (Nido Robotics - official OpenROV distributor and technical service in Spain) are moving our office / workshop from Cartagena to Murcia (closer to home). Because we have to move a lot of stuff we’ve decided to do a clearance sale of most of our current stock.

So, until we run out, we’re offering the following items as a bundled kit:

  • 1 x OpenROV 2.8 Kit
  • 1 x IMU
  • 6 x LiFePo batteries
  • 1 x glue kit (contains epoxy, acrylic cement, applicator bottle, enough for one ROV build)
  • 3 x spare motors
  • 1 x spare props set
  • 1 x spare ranger bands
  • 1 x spare o-ring set
  • 1 x standard transport in EU, EEC and Russia

Price is 1290 EUR for the bundle, including Spanish VAT (21%). If you are a EU registered company or ordering from any non-EU country, you’ll have to deduct the VAT.
We can also build the ROV for you, if you prefer.

We haven’t set up the bundle on our website yet, that might not be available for a few days. In any case you can always PM me for more details or to place and order, or send us an email at

We have 4 kits in stock right now.


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