Gamepad to controll the ROV


Is it possible now to use e.g Xbox 360 wireless gamepad to controll the ROV?

or wired one's?

other options?
Is there an instruction on how to set up a gampad?


The gamepad API is actually using the browsers gamepad detection in HTML5. I've tried the wired xbox controller and it works.

If you can get it to showup using then it should work with the ROV.


I've been using the Logitech F310, with mixed results... The ascend/descend controls are out of whack. I've programmed and calibrated the ESC's a number of times, and still when I push the ascend stick I only get about 65-70% of the thrust I should get but it descends at 100% like it should. Turn to port works great, but when I turn to starboard, It seems to be in turbo boost mode and whips around quickly. I would certainly appreciate any input on this topic or advice on how to fix my problems with the game pad. I'm also having problems with the motors sticking in a full on position when I use the keyboard trim controls.


My controls work right according to the gamepad test, but as described above they are still a little out of whack. I've calibrated my ESC's a number of times, and still get the same results. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!