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I am using an xbox gamepad via Chrome, on the latest build.

Overall works fine, but very sensitive to slight movements with the game-pad buttons. Are there any options to 'de-sensitize' the controls ?

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Using an Xbox one controller?

Hi Richard
There have been a number of discussions on that topic. I had the same issues and could not solve it with the xbox controller. I then tried a logitec f310 and found that it is working without all those problems. 2 hours ago I bought a Logitec F710, which is the same as the 310, but wireless. The 710 is working just perfect! I regret a lot wasting my time (and money) with the xbox controller!


Hey Richard,

At one point this was all dialed in. I suspect that some adjustments were made on Chrome. We are using a library at the moment that allows customizing the deadzone of the different controllers. If you find a better setting, please let us know.

Controller Dead Zone


Thanks you both for your response.

I started with Brian's suggestion, and have had good results.

Gamepad : xBox 360 Controller

this.deadzone = 0.15

this.maximizeThreshold = 0.85

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Reviving this topic because I’m now having this issue with V2.7. Could I be pointed to the right file to mess with the deadzones? The left joystick has to be exactly in the middle, otherwise the motors will continue to run. Everything else works well though. It’s an XBox gamepad.


I think this is the file, on the ROV. You will need to re-upload the firmware after changing the file. Then make sure to ‘sudo halt’ or ‘sudo reboot’ before removing the power from the rov. (or if might not actually save the changes properly)

I would confirm it is the file, but I am not at my ROV right now. :smiley:


it doesnt seam like the gamepad file is at that location?


I have the xbox controller too, and have the same issue. however when I updated my gamepad.js file and rebooted, I completely lost keyboard control of the rover (and the gamepad didn’t work either.) Is anyone else making progress on this? I would get the logitech gamepad, but it sounds like that’s having issues too?


That works for me :slight_smile:


Did you find it? (20 character)