Gamepad only works in firefox, Camera only works in chrome

Hi All,

So I have just got a second hand Openrov 2.8 and it seems under both windows and linux that if I use chrome then I get the camera feed but the gamepad doesn’t work. Keyboard shortcuts work but who wants to drive an rov with just on/off control.
If I run it under firefox then my first video frame loads but locks on the initial image but the gamepad works.


I found out about the latest chrome not working with the gamepads. Tried installing the 31rc7 software but it doesn’t seem to ever connect to the ROV. Not sure what I’m missing here


Same here: FF video but nothing else.

On 30.0.03 firmware the gamepad will work on older versions of chrome only. I use v.69 now but it will auto update to the latest if you dont prevent it. All you need to do is delete the update folder in c:\program files\google. Try safe mode if you dont get access due to files being in use error.

I tried 31RC7 too but it uses a different IP adress on my system ( but I am connecting over a mini router and not LAN cable. Maybe you should try a different IP.
I can control the ROV with 31rc7 but dont see any video. That might be because I dont have the HD camera upgrade kit installed and this particular firmware is meant for HD users only. So I am back to 30.0.03 and old chrome for now.

Thanks, might go back a few chrome versions.
I set the network to DHCP and it is assigning my computer the correct IP address but just sits on the Connecting to the ROV page so it is having contact with the rov but for some reason not connecting properly.

Installed Chrome V69 and everything appears to be working fine. Thanks for the suggestion

I have the same problem.

(Sharky) When you installed the Chrome V69… Did you need to make other adjustments or changes (like change of IP) ? , or just installed the Chrome browser ?

After I installed v69 I set the LAN IP back to subnet
Not sure what IP address your unit had but it will be the same as it was before chrome updated.
Hope that helps.

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