Gamepad joystick reversal issue


I would like to find out how to reverse the Gamepad joystick input for the forward/backwards movement,
At the moment when I pull back on the joystick and it travels forward. I have tried it in different modes.
I looked in the Cloud9 settings, but cant seem to fine a simple solution, I have also tried Gamepad mapping software with no luck.
I have basically zero programming experience.
Thanks in advance


Are your motors turning in the correct directions?
(Motor direction)

Can you invert the controls in windows control panel (or mac/Linux equiv)

You can change rovpilot.js in cloud 9 to map the keys however you like.

What game pad are you using? Xbox 360 wired controller seems to work best.


Hi Brendan
Thanks for your swift reply
If I use the keyboard on my laptop the controls are correct…
its only when I use the gamepad (Logitech) the forward/backward in the wrong way round???
Its not a big issue, but it is a bit of a pain in the …