Gamepad hiccups


Hey Everyone,

Isn't it exciting how fast software moves? Good news is that Chrome has updated it's gamepad interface to match the latest standards. The bad news... these are breaking changes that will require us to refactor our implementation to get it to work.

For the software geeks that want to look at all of the grimy details, you can track the changes from Chromiums Issue List.

I'll fast track the updates and post when the gamepad is up and running again.


UPDATE 2015-08-01


Corrected the link below

UPDATE 2014-05-26 : 7pm PST


The patched gamepad code had been added to the master and 2.5-rc1 branches in github. If you are having trouble with the gamepad on any build of the cockpit software because Chrome has auto-updated, you can grab the file from here and copy over the file on the same spot on whatever version of cockpit you are using today.


Was wondering whether it works with software like motionjoy or betterds3 for quite some time. You can just map key strokes of any kind to your Xbox or ps3 controller. If none of you guys tested it I’d recommend it to you for testing. Would test it myself but my openrov hasn’t even been ordered :wink:

#3 is the link btw


The link "you can grab the file from here " was broken when I tried to get this file. Brian gave me the following info:

Note there are two gamepad.js files. One in static/js and one ine static/js/libs. The latter is the one that needs replacing.

This is the file to use:


Is it possible now to use e.g Xbox 360 wireless gamepad to controll the ROV?

or wired one's?


Hi All,

I copied the updated gamepad.js to static/js/libs

I have an OpenROV V2.6 with Xbox360 wired controller.

After the update, I am no longer seeing the gamepad icon and non of the gamepad controls seem to be working.

Any suggestions?




I am using the logitech 710 gamepad.
works like a charm on crome without Any installations . …


My ps3 gamecontroller works in Chrome with no external software needed whatsoever. But I didn’t need to copy and file in order for it to work. Greetings and everyone enjoy their holidays!

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