Gamepad F310 no more working-

Helle everybody, Saturday, August 24st, 2019
After a long time, I try to work with my 2.8 OpenRov. Everything works well BUT the Gamepad F310 doesn’ want to work (X mode) no more.
My laptop (Asus, Windows 10 now) is the same as before.
It reconnizes (through “Joystick tester” software) the gamepad wich works well.

So could you help me, may be it needs an other joystick device ?
Or an upgrade of the “Cockpit software” ?
Or Chrome ?

I have been on your site (support software), and it saids me that my rov software is “up to date”.

Thank you


Have you seen this from michael.bouchaud - 31.0.0-rc7

“Changes are :
Gamepad now works with recent chrome
depth lock work as expected”

Brian, thank you.

    But I am very "novice" to manipulate the soft as it is written

on this mail :

  *            " How to use it, Just download the 31.0.0-rc4

file apply it to the mmc card and update the files with my
repositories (warning on openrov-cockpit* you must checkout the v31.0.0-rc branch). * ??I could make a new image of this if some of you
are interested "*

    So, at this time,?? I am downloading the file on to my PC tower.

    It is done :

    This file : OpenROVSuite_31.0.0-rc7.img.7z - 7-Zip archive

    and ... after ?

    Do I have to open the archive?? ?

    How can go to the MMC card from the PC, something as an IP

address 169.254. …, I think ?

    Which file I have to copy/ replace from the PC to the MMC card ?

    Thank you


Hi Herve,

I’ll be no help with the details. It’d be best to contact the people who posted near the end of the above link who got it to work.


You could try a quick search in the forum to find the way to burn an image file to a sd card.
But you could look too at this link :wink:.
This is about how to update the rov but you could find the way to burn an image to your sd card, no update would be applied to the bbb memory with v31.
For info about v31 version look here New Release Candidate Image ready with 31.0.0 RC



  1. Determine where you downloaded the OpenROVSuite_31.0.0-rc7.img.7z file.

  2. Format a 16GB SD Card with FAT32

  3. Download and install balena-etcher

  4. Start balena-etcher and follow the application instructions to burn the 31.0.0-rc7 image to the SD Card. You do not have to unzip the image file as the burner application will do it for you.

  5. Remove the old SD card from the BBB and replace it with the new SD card.

  6. Apply power and wait for boot up to complete and the OROV Cockpit to appear on your laptop screen.


Thank you very much for your help :grinning:

I 'll do it in a couple of days when I’ll come back.


Have U manage to get your remote to work ?

Not yet, I
come back to my office in 10 days. I am out at this moment.

    Thank you