Gamepad API fails on Chrome v73 and later

I have had a strange behavior when I (was forced to) upgrade to Chrome v73, my gamepad interface no longer works. If I go to any gamepad test site the controller does work ( but on openrov it does not. So I suspect that there is something iffy in the openrov code using the gamepad API that is no longer acceptable to Chrome. It doesn’t seem to matter which gamepad I use (XBOX 360, XBOX, etc.) the outcome is the same. I noticed that the call to navigator.getGamepads() returns null on v73 and later but returns the gamepads on earlier versions.

Any ideas?

Hi neil2,

I have the same issues with recent chrome.
I do a quick fix on the gamepad.js file.
You could look at my github fork of openrov-cockpit into the v31.0.0-rc branch.
Copy this files to your rov.